How do I withdraw?

Congratulations!! You’re ready to properly secure your sats. Please follow these next few steps:
  1. Before you can withdraw your balance you will need a lightning-enabled bitcoin wallet. Some easy-to-use lightning wallets include Breez, Wallet of Satoshi, and BlueWallet (each can be downloaded as a mobile app).
  2. Once you have your lightning-enabled bitcoin wallet, open the Bitcoin Magazine app and click on the wallet icon, bottom (left to Bitcoin Magazine logo). This will open the "Withdraw Sats" menu and list the following options: 'Withdraw to Wallet' , 'Create a QR code' , and 'Need a New Wallet?' 
Here is a breakdown of each:
  • Click ‘Withdraw to Wallet' to see a list of 'Detected Wallets'. Here you can select your preferred lnurl compatible Lightning Wallet. If this is your first time, the Bitcoin Magazine app will ask you to confirm opening your lightning wallet choice. Once confirmed you’ll be redirected to your lightning wallet and just one click away from stacking sats.
  • Click 'Create a QR Code' to create a scannable and sharable QR code. A friendly reminder, make sure to initiate the transfer from your wallet. 
  • Click 'Need a New Wallet' to download a wallet from our recommended LNURL compatible wallet list quickly & easily! 
Happy Stacking! ⚡️