How do I redeem a Flash Code?

With Bitcoin Magazine, we have a few different ways you could earn:

  • Flash Codes that you can type in (usually 8 character codes like "ABCD1234")
  • QR codes that you can scan to redeem
  • Links from "" that open up in the app and automatically redeem

Text-based Flash Codes

For text codes, you'll need to open up the Bitcoin Magazine app and type in the code.  To do that, click the QR scanner icon in the main screen.  It will open up a screen where you can type in the code on the bottom part of the screen.

If you type in too many incorrect codes, it'll prevent you from typing in more.  If you're typing in a code that you think should exist, but it isn't working, double check your spelling first before trying again.

QR-based Flash Codes

For QR codes, you'll be able to either scan the QR code with your phone's native camera or use the camera inside of the Bitcoin Magazine app.  To use the one inside of the Bitcoin Magazine app, click the orange heart icon in the center bottom of the main screen.  Then, point your camera at the QR code and it'll look for QR codes to scan without you pressing any other buttons.  

Deep Links

For deep links, you'll just need to click on the link from your mobile app.  It should open the app and automatically redeem the code.